Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Do You Teach?

Hi everyone!

Today I started thinking about how although I interviewed several dozen teachers for my own survey, I could not capture the thoughts and feelings of so many others out there.  There are lots of other surveys and videos and blogs that describe the reasons why many of our American teachers do what they do on a daily basis.  Teaching is a full-time commitment, and those in this profession deserve to be recognized at the very least for their hard work and effort to help bring this country forward through the medium of education.

Here are three videos to help describe this.  Enjoy!
Teaching: a short inspirational movie:

Truly Amazing Teacher:

Just for fun!  Goofy -- Teachers Are People:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Know Teachers Look For Help And Inspiration

Rendering many different resources to be available for all kinds of teachers is useful in a mentor.  When a mentor teacher is not around, many have to depend on themselves, as my mom often did, to come up with ideas for teaching.  Many often trust their gut and work on instinct, and this is an important skill when having to rely on yourself for the outcome of your job.  These days, there are other mediums in which to look for ideas, inspiration, and help.  Places like these are no replacement for old-fashioned and much underused common sense and trial-and-error, but in the age of internet, are reliable tools.  The teaching channel uses videos, Q and A, among other methods to help new and old teachers, including this video about new teachers dealing with classroom disruptions and how to manage.  There is also a blog, because it is important to hear the voices of other teachers doing many of the same things as yourself!

The blog is here:  Because teachers' voices should never be ignored!

The teaching channel is located here:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Knew I Wanted To Be A Teacher....

When I grew up, the only job I could see around me actively was teaching.  Both my parents are teachers and my mom's best friend is a teacher.  Growing up surrounded by teachers and then being asked, "What do you want to see yourself doing at the age of 25?" in fifth grade by a teacher, I didn't think vet, doctor, police officer, but teacher.  I'm not sure when I finally decided to keep that plan on the back-burner, but I am one of those children who is likely to turn away from this path, yet I am still interested in the career from the sidelines.'s website has a page for their contributors' blog posts, and there are many themes close to the hearts of those who even if they do not choose teaching for their career, at least feel a connection to the field.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What Is Teach For America?

There are plenty of corps and organizations out there, and it can be confusing as to how each teaching "organization" differs from one another.  Teach For America appears to be different because it is sponsored by many different kinds of businesses, as well as individuals who want to help.  Teach For America is open to join, and they specifically look for people with these characteristics:
  • A deep belief in the potential of all kids and a commitment to do whatever it takes to expand opportunities for students
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and superior interpersonal skills to motivate others
  • Strong achievement in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges, ability to adapt to changing environments, and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to improve and develop
  • Excellent critical thinking skills, including the ability to accurately link cause and effect and to generate relevant solutions to problems
  • Superior organizational ability, including planning well and managing responsibilities effectively
  • Respect for individuals' diverse experiences and the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds
(Taken directly from

Now, this corp could not be for everyone, and I still need to look deeper into its mission statement and go through its blog and other links.  Take each organization with a grain of salt and realize that many are out there to make a business, but some are actually non-profit and work to help the teachers, schools, and students they set out to help.  (Mission Page)  (Blog Page)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back From Thanksgiving!

Family time always makes you so happy for what you have and for what each family member (literally) brings to the table.  I feel lucky that both my parents are teachers and live close to their work so they don't have to face the elements on days of bad weather, but at the same time, they are among the few who have work to do over vacations. 

I also feel that having the background I do, I can celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving knowing I will see my parents and have plenty of time to spend with them.  Not everyone gets this chance, but this is partially due to the choices we all make in life.  Teaching comes with many benefits and sacrifices, but this is one good thing I am truly thankful for.

Friday, November 22, 2013

An Eye-opening But Disheartening Story I Found

Try as people might, the professions we choose may not always be a path of joy and fulfillment, and can in reality be full of disappointment and disillusionment.  Life is bittersweet, and not all can push through its barriers.  Try not to be too discouraged though!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I searched my own blog and found this!

If anyone is interested in reading another blog with a similar name to mine, consider reading "Diary of an American Teacher".  It is very much like listening to my friends who are teachers talking over lunch about their experiences this year at their school.  I do not know the author of this blog, and am not advocating for his/her perspectives, but I do find it interesting and fun to read, at the very least.